Month: September 2019

Wine Tasting at 3rd Corner

Saturday afternoon wine tasting at 3rd Corner with Brandon Boghosian. Brandon was pouring fantastic selections from Averaen Wines (Oregon) and Valravn (Sonoma County). Thanks, Brandon!

Success at the 2019 Cardiff Greek Festival

Fun was had by all at the 2019 Cardiff Greek Festival–especially if you stopped by the wine tasting tent and ran into me pouring 7 different Greek wines. I made some new friends, hung out with some old friends, and even met a stuffed donkey in the photo booth.

Some images courtesy of: Eleni Kardaras Photography, @eyes_of_eleni

Fall Semester Has Begun

The first class of the semester kicked off on Wednesday. Everyone enjoyed the opening session of Wines From A Land Down Under & Other Southern Stars as we began with wines from Chile and Argentina. Looking forward to South Africa next week, followed by New Zealand and then Australia. G’day, mate!